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Used or Contaminated Lithium Bromide Solutions

Refrigerant Exchange with our unique process we offer a cost saving, environment friendly answer to the problem of handling used or contaminated Lithium Bromide Solutions. We will recycle this material, bring it back to original specifications and inhibit it with either Chromate, Nitrate or special inhibitor according to your specific needs.  The resulting savings may be as much as 65% when compared to the cost of purchasing new material.

Disposal Service

Refrigerant Exchange accepts unwanted used Lithium Bromide Solutions for disposal at minimal cost. 

Laboratory Analysis and Technical Assistance

All incoming material is analyzed and an inhibitor package suggested that is suitable for your system. Our highly skilled technicians are available to answer your questions regarding the ongoing maintenance and operation of your absorption system.

Our capable staff is ready to assist in the transportation of your used material and we will even provide the proper labels for containers.

 A Helpful Hint

If you are unsure whether Lithium Chromate is present in your system, the color of the brine, a distinctive yellow may be an indicator  Laboratory analysis will confirm the exact composition of your solution

 In Addition

Refrigerant Exchange carries  an inventory of recycled Lithium Bromide Solutions ready for delivery to you at significant cost savings

Support products available for use in your Lithium Bromide Solutions include:

Lithium Bromide
Lithium Chromate
Lithium Nitrate
Lithium Hydroxide
Octyl Alcohol
Hydrobromic Acid

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